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UNDEPENDENT is a scripted comedy web series about two independent documentary filmmakers desperate for success. The show lives in a fourth-wall-breaking, behind-the-scenes, "captured footage"-style, as the pair try, and fail, to come up with another "Next Big Thing" through the lens of the their own cameras.



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RAY HARRINGTON (Ray, writer, director) is an infectiously charming comedian who performs across the globe with hilariously irreverent material and marvelous improvisational riffing that embraces the uncomfortable and the absurd with a smile. He’s been seen on Conan, and his documentary BE A MAN won the LA Comedy Festival before premiering exclusively on Hulu. His first album from Stand Up! Records, The Worst Is Over, debuted at the top of the comedy charts on Amazon and iTunes. His latest album, Overwhelmed, debuted at Number 1 on Amazon and at the top of the Billboard Comedy Charts.


DEREK FURTADO (Derek) is an accomplished comedian from New England, who has performed all over the country with acts like Kevin Hart, Donald Glover, Robert Kelly, April Macie, Jo Koy, Gary Gulman, and the late Ralphie May. A defiantly positive comic with contagious energy, he’s taken the top prize at Last Comix Standing, produced the documentary “Be A Man,” and headlines major festivals around United States.

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